Download links step by step demonstration

Before going onto the steps go to "settings" click on "books" and make sure iCloud drive is green otherwise, it won't work.

Step 1.

Tap on your link then, tap the download button.

Step 2.

This should pop up tap "DOWNLOAD".

Step 3.

At the top right corner there should be an arrow facing down, wait until the bar has filled up. It should take a few seconds. Once, filled click on it and this should pop up. Click on the pdf "Untitled 3 20.5 MB".

Step 4.

It should be downloading to your phone.

Step 5.

Now that is saved to your phone, we are going to save it under books for easy access. Tap the arrow on the top right corner.

Step 6.

Once, this pops up scroll down and tap books.

Step 7.

Tap on books.

Step 8.

This should pop up give it a few seconds.

Step 9.

Your pdf is now saved under books! Now you can have easy access to it at the gym! It is already saved so, this guide is yours to keep! 

If you don't know how books works it's amazing!  Click this link to see tips on how to use books for your guide!