Glute Bands 

Can I wash my glute band?

Soak your band in warm, soapy water and lay out to dry. Do not wash/dry in machines. 

What resistance should I purchase? 

If you are a beginner I recommend the light/medium or the adjustable band. But, it is up to you if you're up for the challenge! 

What is the Adjustable Band? 

The adjustable band comes in 3 different resistance levels. As you progress, you can adjust the level of resistance by pulling the strap on the back of the band. Make sure to lock it at the resistance desired. 

Click here for a demonstration on how to lock it.

What are the Long Bands used for?

The long bands can be used for upper body and, lower body exercises. Beginner or not they are great, for everyone. Check @tueresbootyfyl or @lizthefitt for more videos on how to use the bands. Click here  

What is the Bar Pad used for?

The bar pad is intended to help take strain off your neck, and/or hips! It is most often used for hip thrusts and squats.

Are the Ankle Straps adjustable?  

Yes, the ankle straps are adjustable if you are having trouble @tueresbootyful has a video on how to strap them.
Click here for video

Download PDF

My download link says it has been expired?

All links have a limit of two downloads for security purposes. Contact lizthefitt@gmail for help. 

How do I download the pdf to my device?

Tap this link for step by step demonstrations on how to download the link.